Julia Koster

Programme manager

Contact: juliakoster(at)nhc.nl


Julia Koster studied Journalism at the Hogeschool Utrecht (BA, Art & Culture differentiation), Serbian/Croatian Language and Literature and Eastern European Studies (MA) at the University of Amsterdam, where she specialized in the political history of the former Yugoslavia and wrote her master thesis (2003) about the Serb-Albanian historical relations and the Kosovo conflict in the late nineties. After working as a freelance journalist for Dutch media (magazines, television), she worked for several organizations in the Netherlands, Bosnia- Herzegovina and Serbia in the field of democratization, civil society building and human rights.


Julia joined the NHC in 2005. She has managed projects in Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, and Turkey, on various topics such as anti-discrimination, prison reform and access to legal aid. Since 2009, she is responsible for the development and coordination of anti-trafficking projects that are aimed at improving the access to and the quality of legal aid for trafficked persons in Eastern Europe. The main activities are training lawyers and other professionals from the judiciary; lobby and advocacy on local and European level; and capacity building of local anti-trafficking NGOs.


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