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Support to the enforcement, probation and rehabilitation systems in Moldova

4 February 2015
This project focuses on probation, intramural and extramural rehabilitation of former offenders and the enforcement of civil court decisions. It is one of three parallel EU funded projects that aim to strengthen the Moldovan justice system. These projects contribute to the implementation of the comprehensive Strategy for Justice Sector Reform and the Moldovan Government Programme.

Security and Human Rights Journal

Security and Human Rights, formerly Helsinki Monitor, is a quarterly journal devoted to issues inspired by the work and principles of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

Promoting a Victim-Centered Approach in Trafficking Cases in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina

3 June 2013
On paper, legislation on human trafficking in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina is largely in place, but in practice, the safety and protection of privacy of victims and witnesses is far from guaranteed. The main goal of the current project is to support judges, prosecutors and judicial academies in making sure the rights of victims of human trafficking are guaranteed during judicial procedures. At the same time the project will strengthen the monitoring function of civil society.

Improvement of Prison Conditions for Reintegration of Juvenile Detainees in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo

3 June 2013
During their time in detention, juveniles in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo are hardly able to work towards their reintegration into society. In cooperation with local human rights monitors and Dutch experts, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee has devised a project to create prison regimes which enable juveniles to enhance their capacities during their detention.

Promotion of the Rights of Trafficked Persons in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia with Emphasis on Legal Support - A Human Rights-Based Approach

1 January 2013
This project aims to improve the position of trafficked persons as victims and witnesses by ensuring that they are adequately informed of their rights and have access to trained and qualified lawyers. These lawyers are able and willing to provide legal support and defend their interests during criminal investigation and proceedings.

Support Human Rights Defenders in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

10 March 2014
Maintaining, and, when necessary, enhancing the space for civil society to independently promote and defend human rights is one of the current key human rights challenges. Space for the defense of human rights is under threat in many countries of the world, including in many parts of the former Soviet Union. This does not only affect human rights NGOs, but a much broader group of persons and organisations working on environmental issues, against unjust government or business decisions and for equal rights for minorities.

Support to the probation service and the system of alternative sanctions in Montenegro

19 March 2014
Montenegro became a candidate country for accession to the European Union in 2010 and since then the EU has screened the country concerning the functioning of the judiciary and enforcement of fundamental rights. One of the recommendations given to Montenegro by the EU involves the improvement of prison conditions: the prison population needs to be reduced and alternative sanctions as well as conditioned sentencing need to be further explored. This project is set up to directly address these issues.

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