The NHC is a foundation with a two-tier governance structure: a Board which is in charge over governing the foundation and has ultimate responsibility for directing and implementing its programs, and a Committee which oversees the policies of the Board.


The day to day work of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee is led by Executive Director Harry Hummel and Deputy Director Jan de Vries, within the framework set by the Board.




The Board consists of the following members:


Ian de Jong, Chairman


Anna Meijknecht, General Secretary


Gido Visser, Treasurer


Angela Kaptein




The Committee has an oversight (Raad van Toezicht) role. The Committee includes former diplomats, civil servants and political representatives who have worked in fields relevant to human rights and rule of law, and (former) members of the judiciary, academics and from other civil society organizations and the media world.


Takvor Avedissian


Arie Bloed


Coşkun Çörüz


Joris Demmink


Quirine Eijkman


Cees Flinterman


André Gerrits


Sjoerd Gosses


Anton van Kalmthout


Henk van der Kolk


Tiny Kox


Rick Lawson


Rianne Letschert


Barbara Oomen


Gerritjan van Oven


Peter van der Sande


Elisabeth van der Steenhoven


Willy Thomassen


Ida van Veldhuizen


Jaap de Zwaan

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For over 25 years the NHC has committed itself to promoting and protecting human rights and the rule of law in Europe.


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