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The Netherlands Helsinki Committee needs private donations to allow its work to continue.


The promotion and protection of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Europe require commitment and support from the citizens of Europe. Much but not all of our work is funded by governments – mostly the Netherlands government – and by the European Commission. These bodies however expect us not to be fully dependent on their funding, and we do not want that ourselves either.


Some subsidies explicitly require us to raise part of the budget from other sources. An example is our  current work to support victims of human trafficking in Bulgaria, Romania and Slowakia, for which we are raising funds at the moment. This project builds on our experience in Serbia in focusing on the rights of victims in legal procedures to counter human trafficking. The focus of law enforcement agencies and of the criminal justice system lies heavily on fighting the traffickers, putting them to trail and pronouncing a just sentence, and often the interests of the victims are put in second place. These interests do require specific attention though. Victims of trafficking are often traumatized but still required to testify in court. They have been exploited and therefore have a legitimate claim for financial compensation. In case the victims are foreign nationals, their residence status needs attention because it is often difficult for them to return to their country.


The NHC has ANBI status which means that donations are tax-deductable in the Netherlands.


Please send your donation to bank account number 417808 of Netherlands Helsinki Committee. If you want to donate specifically for the trafficking project, please specify ‘trafficking project’. For international transfers please use one of the following accounts.



ING Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Account number: 417808

BIC (Swift) Postbank: INGBNL2A

IBAN: NL48 INGB 0000 417808