Trafficked persons

The NHC works to promote the rights of trafficked persons primarily targets professionals involved in their social or legal support. In cooperation with local NGOs, the NHC helps service providers and lawyers to build expertise about the rights that trafficked persons possess under the international law. They are empowered to effectively use this knowledge in contact with officials, prosecution and judiciary authorities, at times putting pressure in court to apply the international provisions in protection of trafficked persons, rather than see them only as witnesses against, or accomplices of, the traffickers.


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NHC's Publications provide an analysis of international developments in the field of human rights protection and rule of law in Europe.


The Committee on Enforced Disappearances - Addendum to the Manual Using Law against Enforced Disappearances. Read more...


 Position of Victims of Trafficking in human beings in criminal and other legal proceedings in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania. Read more...


Promotion of the Rights of Trafficked Persons in Albania. Read more...


 Promoting a Victim Centred Approach in Trafficking Cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read more....

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