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Anna Meijknecht

Anna Meijknecht is a Senior Researcher and Assistant Professor in International Law and Minority Rights at Tilburg University. In her work in the field of human rights, minority rights and the rule of law, Meijknecht focuses on obstacles hampering the implementation and realization of legal standards on minority rights in Central and Eastern Europe. She is a member of the Netherlands Network of Human Rights Research and, having worked extensively in the field of indigenous people’s rights, is a member of the International Law Association’s Committee on Indigenous Peoples. Meijknecht believes the NHC’s area of work – in realizing human rights, rule of law and supporting critical civil society in Eastern Europe – is of particular relevance and importance in today’s world. She is motivated to contribute her own expertise in the pursuit of these goals.

Meijknecht studied International Law and Human Rights at Leiden University and completed her PhD on International Law and Minority Rights/Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. She was awarded the Max van de Stoel Human Rights Award for her dissertation.