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Takvor Avedissian

Takvor Avedissian is currently the President of the Central Appeals Tribunal, the highest judicial authority in legal areas pertaining to social security and the civil service in the Netherlands. Previously Avedissian was the President of the District Court of Overijssel and a judge in both Haarlem and Rotterdam. In the District Court of Rotterdam, he worked in the civil, criminal and administrative sector and as team chairman and press judge. In the District Court of Haarlem he was member of the Board and head of the criminal sector.  Much of Avedissian’s recent work focuses on the human rights law and prison and probation reform. He advises the NHC work on these areas and on the organization’s broader role in Securing the Rule of Law and Safeguarding Human Rights.

He studied Dutch Constitutional, Administrative, and Criminal Law (cum laude) at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.