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17 October 2014

Expert meeting “Trafficking in human beings: impact on the victim”

Promotion of the Right of Trafficked Persons: Reports from Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia

The NHC is proud to present three individual country reports on the current situation in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia with regard to the legal position of trafficked persons.

Call to sign the Balkans Declaration on Trafficking and Exploitation of Human Beings

As part of the Balkan Act Now! Project, lead organization ASTRA Anti-Trafficking Action from Serbia and its six partner organizations, one of which is the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, call upon all civil society organizations in Europe.

Partner NGO IFS-Emmaus needs support to deal with effects of flooding

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee and the Center for International Legal Cooperation call for support to NHC's partner organization IFS-Emmaus in Bosnia-Herzegovina to help deal with the consequences of the catastrophic flooding.

First Judgment Awarding Compensation for A Victim of Trafficking in Serbia Issued and Executed

In February, the Court of Appeals in Novi Sad confirmed the judgment of the Novi Sad Basic Court in civil proceedings ordering four individuals sentenced for trafficking in human beings to jointly compensate the plaintiff, victim of human trafficking, to the amount of RSD 1,000,000 (approximately €8620) on account of non-material damages.

Promoting the Rights of Trafficked Persons: Training of Social Workers in Eastern Europe

In October and November of this year three training sessions were organized for social workers who provide legal counselling to victims of human trafficking in Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria

Balkans ACT Now! presented at HDIM

In a statement on 30 September, the NHC presented the Balkans ACT Now! project at the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting of the OSCE.

Balkans Declaration signed in Zagreb!

The Balkans Declaration on Trafficking and Exploitation of Human Beings was signed on September 19, 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. The event was organized under the project BALKANS ACT (Against Crime of Trafficking) NOW! of which the NHC is a partner.

“BALKANS ACT NOW!” publishes situation analysis of human trafficking

The project "BALKANS ACT (Against Crime of Trafficking) NOW!", of which the Netherlands Helsinki Committee is a partner, has published a detailed situation analysis of human trafficking in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Macedonia.

Judicial authorities in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina focus on victims of human trafficking

Judges, prosecutors and judicial academies in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina will be supported by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee to make sure the rights of victims of human trafficking are guaranteed during judicial procedures.