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29 April 2021

Regional meeting on the structural and strategic development of penitentiary staff

EU COVID-19 Solidarity Programme: A Success Story

GAWB reflects on their successful project to produce hand sewn face masks for and by (ex)female prisoners

NHC and EPTA Special Interest Groups release training manuals

EPTA has released a series of Special Interest Group Training Manuals for its members, the trainings are accompanied by interactive events.

NHC restarted penitentiary staff training in North Macedonia

The NHC held the first of five online trainings for the staff at the newly opened Tetovo institute for detained Juveniles in North Macadonia.

Penitentiary Staff Training in Times of COVID-19: EPTA Annual Conference Successfully Fosters European Cooperation

The 2020 EPTA Annual Conference took place on 28 and 29 September and was organized by this year’s EPTA President together with the EPTA Steering Committee and the NHC.

Standing together: EU COVID-19 Solidarity Programme for the Eastern Partnership

Call for Proposals to Supply Equipment to Counter Effects of the COVID-19 in Closed Institutions

Juvenile Rehabilitation: Help Mirlinda Become a Lawyer

Help ensure Mirlinda can continue her studies: find out more and fund Mirlinda’s dream.

Standing together: Call for proposals for EU COVID-19 Solidarity Programme for Eastern Partnership

Update: deadline extended to 31 October! NHC launches regional call for proposals with the financial support of the EU, and in partnership with PIN and AFEW. Apply now!

New EPTA project proposal approved by the European Commission

The NHC is happy to announce that the European Commission has approved its proposal for a new EPTA project.

Feature Interview: Promoting rehabilitation rather than retribution in criminal justice—Kosovo: Improving Chances Post-Release for Juvenile Detainees

NHC partner Nehat Thaçi, Director General of the Kosovo Correctional Service, discusses what changes have been implemented, and the importance of prison reform for all parts of society.