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11 October 2014

Study visit for North Macedonian prison staff

NHC and CILC Present Road Ahead for Probation Service Project in Montenegro

On Wednesday 8 October, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and CILC presented the results so far of the project on probation and alternative sanctions they are jointly implementing in Montenegro.

Joint NHC and CILC mission to Mali

In February, Servaas Feiertag (CILC) and Jan de Vries (NHC) completed a second mission to Mali, in the context of the Studies of Criminal Justice in Mali and Development of Special Mechanisms to Support the Criminal Chain project.

New juvenile facilities planned in Albania

After a recent visit to Albania, representatives of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency were happy to report on promising news.

Supporting the probation service and alternative sanctions in Montenegro

Last week NHC conducted an inception mission to Montenegro for the start-up of the recently accorded project Support to the probation service and the system of alternative sanctions in Montenegro.

Report on successful training for prison guards in Libya

Between October 17 – November 1, three employees of the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) visited Libya in order to execute the training program put in place as part of the Enhancing Professionalism in the Libyan Prison Service project led by the DJI in partnership with the Netherlands Helsinki Committee.

NHC and CILC project: Support to the probation service and the system of alternative sanctions in Montenegro

Netherlands Helsinki Committee and the Center for International Legal Cooperation are proud to announce that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accorded them the project “Support to the probation service and the system of alternative sanctions in Montenegro”.

NHC en CILC: zeven aandachtspunten voor de Nederlandse Missie in Mali

Het Nederlands Helsinki Comité en haar Nederlandse partner het Centre for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) hebben vandaag zeven aandachtspunten voor de Nederlandse missie naar Mali gepubliceerd.

CILC and the NHC support criminal justice reform in Mali

At the invitation of the Malian Ministry of Justice, CILC (Center for International Legal Cooperation) and the NHC visited Mali for the duration of two weeks as part of the first stage of a study on the nation's criminal justice system.

NHC: ‘Reintegration process of young detainees in Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo needs to improve’

During their time in detention, juveniles in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo are hardly able to work towards their reintegration into society.