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15 February 2018 Strengthening Civil Society

Case Studies on Transborder Corruption

NHC Will Attend a Conference on Capacity Building in the Justice and Security Sector

The NHC is involved in the upcoming conference ´Making a difference, working together for sustainable capacity building in the justice and security sector´ taking place on the 14th of February.

NHC Welcomes Piet de Klerk as its New Chairman of the Supervisory Board

The NHC is pleased to announce that Mr. Piet de Klerk is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the NHC. Mr. de Klerk officially took over the position from Mr. Ian de Jong on the first of January, 2018.

NHC at Night of Dictatorship 2017

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee, together with Amnesty International, organises a tour during the Night of Dicatorship in The Hague on Friday September 8.

Council of Europe Should Address Human Rights Violations by Judges and Prosecutors in Member States

Human rights defenders suffer large-scale legal harassment, arbitrary indictments and convictions by judiciary and prosecution authorities in countries such as Azerbaijan and Russia.

Open Letter by Civil Society Organisations to PACE

A call for launching external, independent, and impartial investigation into allegations of corruption and other violations of the Parliamentary Assembly code of conduct in connection with its work on Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan: Crackdown on Free Expression Accelerates With Conviction of Prominent Blogger

The relentless campaign waged by the authorities against media workers, bloggers, political activists, civil society and others that are deemed to threaten the power of the ruling regime must stop immediately.

Criminal Proceedings against Activists in Kazakhstan: Criminalization of Peaceful Protest and Absence of Fair Trial Standards

On January 30, families of imprisoned activists from Kazakhstan Max Bokayev and Talgat Ayanov were informed that Mr. Bokayev and Mr. Ayanov are being transferred to the North of Kazakhstan, over 1500 km away from their home town.

NHC Director Pepijn Gerrits Speaks at the Opening Ceremony of Juvenile Detention Facility in Albania

The NHC’s director Pepijn Gerrits gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the new juvenile detention facilities at the Shën Koll prison in Lezha, Albania.

Rights Groups Demand Justice for journalist Mehman Huseynov Tortured in Azerbaijan

We call on the international community to undertake an immediate review of their relations with Azerbaijan to ensure that human rights are placed at the heart of all on-going negotiations with the government.