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28 November 2016 Building Up Rule of Law

Human Rights Defender Bokayev and Activist Ayanov Sentenced to Five Years Prison

Lawyers network meeting: improving access to justice for trafficked persons

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) and the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings are organizing a meeting for lawyers and NGOs about the provision of legal assistance for human trafficking victims on 22 and 23 November 2016 in Strasbourg, France.

Tentative optimism? Obama reassures world leaders Trump will observe commitment to NATO allies

Days after the election that shook the nation and political leaders around the globe, Obama has announced that Donald Trump will stand by America’s commitment to sustaining NATO alliances.

Azerbaijan: Results of the Constitutional Referendum

With the recent economic struggle that has hit Azerbaijan caused by the decline in oil prices, the current government's grip on power has been threatened.

Book on Hate Crime, Incitement to Hatred and Hate Speech published

NHC is excited to announce the publication of the book Criminal Law on Hate Crime, Incitement to Hatred and Hate Speech in OSCE Participating States by human rights researcher Alexander Verkhovsky.

A project update – greenhouse business plan

Can gardening projects contribute to the rehabilitation of prison inmates? Pioneering work has been done by many horticultural rehabilitation projects around the world.

News from OSCE Kyrgyzstan

“Peace and Reconciliation through strengthening the rule of law and protection of human rights” project, run by the UN in collaboration with OSCE, is gaining momentum as another training event for lawyers, prosecutors and judges was organized in Kyrgyzstan.

What is next for Bulgarian fight against terrorism?

As it has been observed by NHC, state of emergency appears to have become a common response to terrorist attacks. Both France and Germany are resorting to this extreme measure, with the former recently extending it for six months after the attack in Nice, and the latter declaring state of emergency after the shooting rampage in Munich.

Roundtable in Moldova on conditional release

A roundtable on conditional release and social reintegration of detainees was held in order to explore effective ways and tools for the inter-institutional cooperation between probation and penitentiary systems in Moldova.

Equipping juvenile offenders in Correctional Centre Lipjan

Through workshops staff members of Correctional Centre Lipjan get acquainted with the purpose, structure and the current implementation of the EQUIP programme.