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10 December 2015 Building Up Rule of Law

New publication: Position of Victims Trafficking in Human Beings in Criminal and Other Legal Proceedings in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania

Civic Solidarity Platform issues recommendations on OSCE Human Dimension

In order to deliver security in Europe, stronger emphasis on compliance with human dimension commitments is needed.

Release publication ‘Promotion of the Rights of Trafficked Persons in Albania’

In October, during the expert meeting in Tirana, the Center for Legal Civic Initiatives (CLCI) and NHC were pleased to present to participating judges, prosecutors and the School of Magistrates the final version of the legal analysis of the current situation in regard to the rights of victims of trafficking in Albania.

HDIM side event on legal protection of trafficked persons

The need to improve access of trafficked persons to legal counseling and aid was the theme of an NHC-organized side event at the 2015 Human Dimension Implementation Meeting.

Commemoration of “disappearances” in Belarus

On 16 September, four enforced disappearances which took place in Belarus in 1999 and 2000 were commemorated in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Publication: Promoting a Victim Centred Approach in Trafficking Cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The research "Promoting a Victim Centred Approach in Trafficking Cases" assesses the treatment of trafficked persons in criminal and other relevant legal proceedings and their access to legal aid and representation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Crowdfunding project to help juvenile detainees in Albania

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee has started a crowdfunding project for juvenile prisoners in Lezhe, Albania. Currently, 16 juveniles live in horrendous conditions in the prison of Lezhe in Albania.

Stricter controls needed to avoid transborder corruption and excessive environmental damage in investment projects in Russia

Better safeguards are needed against international complicity in the use of opaque and improper procedures in realizing large scale extraction and industrial projects in Russia. These procedures, as well as the track record of Russian counterparts, give rise to suspicions of involvement in corruption from the side of international partners.

Expert meeting: “Victims of trafficking in human beings: interview techniques (including the interviewing of children)”

On 16 and 17 April experts on issues relating to human trafficking met in Ilidza, Sarajevo to discuss “Victims of trafficking in human beings: interview techniques (including interviewing of children)”.

Defending the rights of human trafficking victims in Slovakia: Report on the First Expert Meeting in Slovakia for lawyers

On 15 April, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and NGO Human Rights League (HRL) from Slovakia organized the first Expert Meeting for lawyers on human trafficking-related topics, in Bratislava.