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Prison Reform

What we want to achieve in prison reform

Our projects work on shifting away from punitive and towards rehabilitative systems in criminal justice. This often requires a change in the core priority of criminal justice systems in the countries where we work. This change process is profound and touches upon many aspects and upon many actors in the criminal justice system. Hence our projects do not only support capacity building processes within the prison service, but also throughout the criminal justice chain. It strongly promotes intensive collaboration between the different justice chain actors, which further ensures reforms that are made are sustainable and fully integrated throughout the system. On a practical level, we provides peer-to-peer trainings, capacity enhancement and strategic institutional support through the transfer of knowledge and skills. The prison reform projects focus on compliance with European and International standards in criminal justice and human rights, improving the prison climate, and introducing working methods to increase chances for the successful reintegration of prisoners.

Highlighted project: Tackling Gaps in Cross-Border Cooperation (EPTA)


With the EPTA project, we aim to safeguard respect for the fundamental rights of prisoners by stimulating adequate training for correctional staff in the European Union. Together with EuroPris, and in conjunction with National Training Academies across the EPTA network, we work towards creating a sustainable, professional and active EPTA network which is able to tackle gaps in cross-border cooperation by stimulating participation and exchanges within the wider network. This, in turn, will allow existing and future European members to collectively benefit from the results.