Study Visit Albania - the Netherlands: Day 1

26 - 01 - 2015
From 26 January until 30 January, an Albanian delegation visits the Netherlands for a study visit in the framework of a project on combatting human trafficking. Each day, participants of the study visit will write a blog for the NHC about their experiences. You can read here about their first day.

Hearings of Azerbaijan’s prisoners of conscience have started

22 - 01 - 2015
Hearings of Azerbaijan’s prisoners of conscience have started
The preliminary hearing in the case of Rasul Jafarov, a prominent human rights defender and a prisoner of conscience, was held in Baku on January 15, 2015. Journalists, diplomats and family members attended the hearing. Rasul Jafarov was brought to the Baku Court on Grave Crimes in handcuffs and was kept in a metal cage during the trial. While used in Azerbaijan, the European Court of Human Rights considers that such practice amounts to an inhumane and degrading treatment of the accused.

Letter to Chancellor Merkel about Arrested Human Rights Defenders Azerbaijan

21 - 01 - 2015
As member of the international NGO coalition “Sport for Rights”, the NHC signed a joint statement to Chancellor Merkel. Today she’s meeting president Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and the Sport for Rights coalition urges her to use this opportunity to demand the immediate release of prominent human rights defenders (Rasul Jafarov, Intigam Aliyev, Leyla Yunus and many others), who have been convicted to long prison terms or are in pre-trial detention. Their arrests are part of an escalating crackdown on civil society by the Azerbaijani government.

Increasing Concern over Azerbaijani Human Rights Defenders

9 - 01 - 2015
The Netherlands Helsinki Committee is concerned about the further intensification of the Azerbaijani authorities’ campaign against human rights defenders towards the end of 2014. The trumped-up charges (related to alleged financial mismanagement) against Rasul Jafarov and Intigam Aliyev, two prominent defenders arrested in August, were widened (here and here), so they now could be convicted to up to 12 years. The start of their trials was announced for 15 and 16 January respectively; the NHC is working with other NGOs on arranging independent monitoring of their trials.

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