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Integrity and Accountability

We believe integrity and accountability are the natural enemies of corruption and nepotism and essential in upholding the rule of law and maintaining a healthy democracy.

How are we working towards a robust rule of law culture

We are working towards an in-country systemic-level shift in mentality and attitudes towards integrity and accountability. Whereby these concepts are not mere pro-forma checkboxes that have to be ticked, but seen as a fundamental part of the rule of law – and protected as such. Specifically we are working on:

  • Increasing dialogue and collaboration between law enforcement, public service, civil society and media within and between target countries;
  • Improving the understanding and awareness of fundamental aspects of the rule of law; and
  • Advocating for more proactive rule of law support amongst all sectors of government, both in target countries, the Netherlands and beyond.

What a functioning rule of law looks like


What change can bringing people together and increasing understanding of rule of law bring

Working together

We believe no one can achieve things alone. That is why we see the power of connecting different actors and collaboration as we work towards building and securing justice across Europe. If you are interested in collaborating with us in improving access to justice, contact the Programme staff below:

Programme Staff: