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29 April 2021

Regional meeting on the structural and strategic development of penitentiary staff

EU COVID-19 Solidarity Programme: A Success Story

GAWB reflects on their successful project to produce hand sewn face masks for and by (ex)female prisoners

NHC 2020 Annual Report Now Online

This year’s annual report entitled "Civil society challenged by global pandemic" gives an an overview of the work of the NHC in this historic year.

NHC contributes to EC Rule of Law Report on the Netherlands

For the second time, the NHC provided input to the EC Rule of Law report on the Netherlands together with several leading Dutch NGOs.

Ukraine: Stop Defamation of Environmental Activist Roman Ratushnyy

The NHC and ZMINA are calling for the charges to be dropped and for Ratushnyy’s detention in house arrest to be rescinded in light of the lack of concrete evidence against the activist.

Report on Tackling Transborder Corruption Launched at Webinar with Members of the European Parliament

Anti-corruption fighters José Grinda and Bill Browder spoke at the launch of the report 'Tackling Russian Elite's Corruption: Mission Impossible?' Find out more.

Ukraine: Uphold Fair Trial Rights of Anti-Corruption Activist, Serhiy Sternenko

NHC and ZMINA call on the Ukrainian authorities to uphold the fair trail rights of anti-corruption activist Serhiy Stenenko.

Lessons from Human Rights Defenders: Shrinking the space of LGBTI+ rights activism in Poland and Turkey

Discussion on the increasing pressure and threats against the LGBTI+ community in Turkey and Poland and their intensification during COVID-19.

Lessons from Human Rights Defenders: City, Participation and Activism in Turkey and Brazil

A discussion on how democratic space, participation, and activism were affected in Brazil and Turkey by pandemic measures.

Lessons from Human Rights Defenders: Digital Rights at the Pendulum of Freedom and Oversight

A discussion of digital rights in Pakistan and Turkey with Nighat Dad from Pakistan and Turkish lawyer Kerem Altıparmak.