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05 August 2020 Strengthening Civil Society

Montenegro’s Probation Success Paves the Way for Others

Promoting rehabilitation rather than retribution in criminal justice— Ukraine: Working together to develop probation

In this interview, Jochum Wildeman and Koen Goei share their experiences with helping to further the Ukrainian probation system.

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Cihan Aydın

Cihan Aydın shares his experiences as a human rights defender in Turkey.

The Hague continues to grow as international City of Peace and Justice

Survey results have shown that international organisations play a stable and significant role in The Hague’s economy and represent a growing sector.

On “Reviving the Helsinki Spirit”

Robert van Voren reflects on the legacy of the Helsinki Accords and looks to the future and "Reviving the Helsinki Spirit" in the lead up to 2025.

Reflections on the 1990 Copenhagen document

Harry Hummel reflects on the Copenhagen Document (1990) and its contribution to the legacy of the Helsinki Accords in his speech to the OSCE

01 August 1975: The lasting inspiration of the Helsinki Accords

Piet de Klerk reflects on the lasting inspiration of the Helsinki Accords on their 45th anniversary.

45 years since the Helsinki Accords

Three prominent academics and diplomats reflect on the lasting legacy and inspiration of the Helsinki Accords on the 45th anniversary of the signing.

OSCE ODIHR publishes report on the impact of Covid-19 measures on human rights

The ODIHR published a report on the impact of Covid-19-related emergency measures on human rights and democracy.

Update on EPTA Annual Conference 2020

Due to the uncertain situation related to Covid-19, the EPTA Annual Conference 2020 will be held as an online event.