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06 April 2021

Ukraine: Uphold Fair Trial Rights of Anti-Corruption Activist, Serhiy Sternenko

Lessons from Human Rights Defenders: Shrinking the space of LGBTI+ rights activism in Poland and Turkey

Discussion on the increasing pressure and threats against the LGBTI+ community in Turkey and Poland and their intensification during COVID-19.

Lessons from Human Rights Defenders: City, Participation and Activism in Turkey and Brazil

A discussion on how democratic space, participation, and activism were affected in Brazil and Turkey by pandemic measures.

Lessons from Human Rights Defenders: Digital Rights at the Pendulum of Freedom and Oversight

A discussion of digital rights in Pakistan and Turkey with Nighat Dad from Pakistan and Turkish lawyer Kerem Altıparmak.

Lessons from Human Rights Defenders: Re-Opening Civic Spaces in Times of Covid-19

Discussing the concept of shrinking civic space and its relation to rising populism and authoritarianism in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Official launch of police brochure in Albania on policing discrimination and hate crimes against LGBTI persons

On the International Transgender Day of Visibility the NHC publishes a collaborative police brochure on policing discrimination against LBGTI

NHC and EPTA Special Interest Groups release training manuals

EPTA has released a series of Special Interest Group Training Manuals for its members, the trainings are accompanied by interactive events.

Tackling Russian elite’s corruption

Is it mission impossible? Find out more in this report by the Expert Group on Transborder Corruption, in cooperation with the NHC.

NHC restarted penitentiary staff training in North Macedonia

The NHC held the first of five online trainings for the staff at the newly opened Tetovo institute for detained Juveniles in North Macadonia.

Defending Human Rights in Ukraine: First Annual Monitoring Report 2020

The first annual report by ZMINA Human Rights Centre and the NHC on Ukranian Human Rights Defenders and Civil Society Activists.