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20 April 2023

NGOs reageren op Kabinets reactie Motie Stoffer

 When Winning isn’t Enough: Civil Society and the European Court of Human Rights

Read about how the NHC is supporting civil society actors in pursuing the implementation of ECtHR judgements.

Georgia: Joint Statement on the Dispersal of Protest Demonstrations by Police Forces

Read our joint statement on the dispersal of protest demonstrations against the foreign agent law by police forces in Georgia.

Report: Taking lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic forward within closed institutions

This report presents some of the main outcomes of the final phase of the EU COVID-19 Solidarity Programme for Eastern Partnership project that aimed to build and strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations.

Joint Civil Society and Democracy Organisations’ Priorities for the Defence of Democracy Package

Take a look at our joint recommendations for European Commission's Defence of Democracy Package.

It’s time to renew the government’s commitment to democracy

Together with our partners from the #DemocracyUnderThreat coalition, the NHC calls on the government to renew its commitment to democracy now.

Ukraine’s Fire Woman, Lyudmyla Yankina: “I had to help”

For her extraordinary humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, Lyudmyla Yankina has been dubbed the fire woman. "I had to help," she says.

Democracy Under Threat: from local to international, nothing about us without us!

On Monday 27 March, we will discuss this importance of strengthening and renewing democracy in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

#DemocracyDrinks special edition: Summit for Democracy

Join us on 29 March for our next Democracy Drinks, bringing together democracy advocates and enthusiasts.

Giving Back: Mapping report on European promising and proven practices of participatory youth practices in youth justice.

Read more about the NHC and Stichting YOPE's research on the inclusion of the youth experience in the criminal justice system.