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15 September 2020

Democratic governance after the COVID-19 pandemic

NHC calls for enhanced policy initiatives in favor of democracy in Belarus

Read the full letter to the Dutch parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee

The Long Game: NHC’s holistic approach to lasting change

An interview with outgoing and incoming NHC Supervisory Board Members Angela Kaptein and Tamara Trotman

The right to fair elections and peaceful protests: NHC joins call to invoke Moscow mechanism in Belarus

The NHC stands in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors in Belarus against the manipulation of the elections of 9 August by the government.

On “Reviving the Helsinki Spirit”

Robert van Voren reflects on the legacy of the Helsinki Accords and looks to the future and t "Reviving the Helsinki Spirit" in the lead up to 2025.

Reflections on the 1990 Copenhagen document

Harry Hummel reflects on the Copenhagen Document (1990) and its contribution to the legacy of the Helsinki Accords in his speech to the OSCE

01 August 1975: The lasting inspiration of the Helsinki Accords

Piet de Klerk reflects on the lasting inspiration of the Helsinki Accords on their 45th anniversary.

45 years since the Helsinki Accords

Three prominent academics and diplomats reflect on the lasting legacy and inspiration of the Helsinki Accords on the 45th anniversary of the signing.

NHC Director Speaks on Rising Tensions Between Hungary and the European Union

RTLZ news interviews NHC Director Pepijn Gerrits about what actions have been taken at the EU in response to the deterioration of democracy in Hungary.

NHC and NJCM Submit Contribution to European Commission for Rule of Law Report

First Rule of Law Report on all 27 EU Member States is to be issued by the European Commission. Civil society, academia, and professionals were asked to contribute.