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18 November 2020

Joint Statement: European Peace Facility: Causing harm or bringing peace?

Anti-SLAPP Op-ed

The NHC joined 98 other CSOs in urging that EU-wide legislation be adopted to protect people across the EU from SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation).

The Impact of COVID-19 on Human Rights: Recommendations to the Dutch Foreign Affairs Committee

The NHC and 6 other NGOs formulated recommendations for the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dutch Parliament prior to their review of the 2021 budget.

Joint Statement Regarding Non-Implementation of ECHR Rulings Against Azerbaijan

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee is concerned that Azerbaijan has failed to end politically-motivated prosecutions and imprisonment, despite ECHR rulings.

OSCE Moscow Mechanism Report on Belarus

On 5 November 2020, Wolfgang Benedek presented his 'Moscow Mechanism' report on the Belarus election and its aftermath to the OSCE.

One Step Closer to an EU Magnitsky Act

The EC announces a Joint Proposal on implementation of sanctions against serious human rights violations and abuses worldwide; an EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime.

Visegrád 4: Democracy in the heart of Europe

The NHC held an online panel-discussion with experts and Dutch ambassadors to the Visegrád-countries regarding the rule of law and democracy in the heart of Europe.

100 Days of Protests in Bulgaria

NHC Integrity and Accountability Programme Manager Joeri Buhrer Tavanier spoke to French newspaper Le Monde about the ongoing demonstrations in Bulgaria.

ZMINA and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee nominated for the Human Rights Tulip 2020

The NHC congratulates our partners ZMINA and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee with their nomination for the 2020 Human Rights Tulip Award!

Democratic governance after the COVID-19 pandemic

On this International Day of Democracy, we highlight the publication of the EPD paper on "Imagined continuities: political scenarios after the COVID-19 pandemic".