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15 May 2024

Invitation | Security and Human Rights: Special Issue on the War in Ukraine

Urgent Call to Uphold Democracy and Human Rights in Georgia 

The NHC is deeply concerned about the recent and troubling developments in Georgia & calls on Georgian authorities and international bodies to uphold democracy and human rights in Georgia 

Restorative Justice, Restoring Democracy | Reflections from #DemocracyDrinks

What is restorative justice, why is it a prime example of democratic decision-making, and what lessons can we draw from restorative justice practices for our societies?

OSCE SHDM I Side Event | Unveiling Intent: Investigating Mens Rea in the context of the forcible transfer of Ukrainian Children by Russia

This event showcases research by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), focusing on documenting the mental elements of international crimes.

Statement | CoE’s Recommendation represents a significant milestone in the fight against SLAPPs | Coalition against SLAPPs in Europe

The NHC, as a member of the Coaliation Against SLAPPs in Europe (CASE), welcomes the 05 April Council of Europe’s Recommendation on SLAPPs.

#DemocracyDrinks | Restorative Justice, Restoring Democracy

Join us on 18 April and hear from Anna Matczak and Malini Laxminarayan reflecting on humane, restorative justice practices as the often-overlooked cornerstone of rights-based justice systems and flourishing democracies.

Investing in Women: Reflections on IWD204 #DemocracyDrinks

What does investing in women mean to you? Guided by this question, this edition’s #DemocracyDrinks The Hague focused on what investing in women entails for democracy.

Reflections on EU-Ukraine relations symposium | “From a Ukrainian perspective, Trump is already in power”

Reflections from the REKA Symposium on EU–Ukraine relations in The Hague on March 4, organised by Raam op Rusland, Open Door Ukraine and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee.

Event | Challenges for democracy in the lead up to EU elections | Democracy Under Threat

Join us at Pax For Peace in Utrecht on 19 March 2024 1400-1630 for a discussion on the challenges for democracy in the lead up to EU elections.

Statement | In solidarity with Azerbaijani Journalists

The continued crackdown on the freedom of expression in Azerbaijan is deeply troubling and must cease immediately.