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27 November 2023

Democracy and the rule of law in the EU: Poland after the elections | #DemocracyDrinks Event

Open letter: We refuse to let the Anti-SLAPP Directive be a missed opportunity

We urge European institutions to negotiate the strongest possible Anti-SLAPP Directive that effectively protects public watchdogs.

De staat holt recht op demonstratie uit: dat moet stoppen

Het demonstratierecht staat door optreden van de overheid onder druk. Het NHC steunt de oproep van GreenPeace Nederland om het demonstratierecht te waarborgen.

Democracy Drinks: Stepping up the protection of civic space

Join us for the June edition of #DemocracyDrinks for an engaging conversation on the state of civic space in the Netherlands and Europe!

Statement on the Destruction of the Nova Kakhovka Dam

Read the joint statement on the destruction of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant, signed by the NHC and other civil society organisations.

Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Belarus: 21 May 2023

21 May is the Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Belarus. Read about initiatives, projects and ways to get involved in solidarity here.

Bezuinigingen kabinet treffen allerarmsten wereldwijd

Bezuinigingen kabinet treffen allerarmsten wereldwijd | Miljarden euro’s die bestemd zijn voor ontwikkelingssamenwerking en noodhulp worden door het kabinet uitgegeven in Nederland.

#DemocracyDrinks special edition: Summit for Democracy

Join us on 29 March for our next Democracy Drinks, bringing together democracy advocates and enthusiasts.

One year at the NHC: Interview with Executive Director Kirsten Meijer

9 days after taking on the role as NHC's Executive Director, the war in Ukraine broke out. Sitting in her office behind a large “Stop the War” poster, she relayed to us her experiences from the past year.

A Year of War: Ukraine Solidarity March on 24 February

Join us on 24 February from 16:00 on Museumplein, Amsterdam and march in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.