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21 September 2020

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Canan Arın

Defending Human Rights in Ukraine: Activism Report April – June 2020

The ZMINA Human Rights Centre has published a second monitoring report on the pressure and persecution faced by human rights defenders and anti-corruption activists in Ukraine.

The right to fair elections and peaceful protests: NHC joins call to invoke Moscow mechanism in Belarus

The NHC stands in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors in Belarus against the manipulation of the elections of 9 August by the government.

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Cihan Aydın

Cihan Aydın shares his experiences as a human rights defender in Turkey.

The Hague continues to grow as international City of Peace and Justice

Survey results have shown that international organisations play a stable and significant role in The Hague’s economy and represent a growing sector.

OSCE ODIHR publishes report on the impact of Covid-19 measures on human rights

The ODIHR published a report on the impact of Covid-19-related emergency measures on human rights and democracy.

Defending Human Rights is not a Crime: Turkey’s ruling against Istanbul-10

The NHC strongly condemns the prison sentences handed down on 3 July 2020 against four human rights defenders in Turkey.

Defending Human Rights in Ukraine: Activism Report January – March 2020

In partnership with the NHC, ZMINA Human Rights Centre published a report detailing the trends of persecution against activist and human rights defenders from January to March 2020.

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Yasemin Öz

From the importance of LGTBI+ representation to the role of LGTBI+ allies, human rights defender and lawyer Yasemin Öz discusses the landscape for defending LGTBI+ in Turkey.

Defending Human Rights Through Storytelling

Together with seven civil society organisations, the NHC joined an international storytelling campaign to share the stories of how individuals and communities together defend rights.