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03 June 2024

Supporting Catalyst of Change: Partner Spotlight | Institute 8th of March Slovenia

Urgent Call to Uphold Democracy and Human Rights in Georgia

The NHC is deeply concerned about the recent and troubling developments in Georgia & calls on Georgian authorities and international bodies to uphold democracy and human rights in Georgia

Supporting Catalysts of Change | Women’s rights grassroots initiatives in Romania and Bulgaria

Find out more about the work of our grassroots partners in Bulgaria and Romania working on women's rights and how the NHC is supporting them

OSCE SHDM I Side Event | Unveiling Intent: Investigating Mens Rea in the context of the forcible transfer of Ukrainian Children by Russia

This event showcases research by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), focusing on documenting the mental elements of international crimes.

Statement | CoE’s Recommendation represents a significant milestone in the fight against SLAPPs | Coalition against SLAPPs in Europe

The NHC, as a member of the Coaliation Against SLAPPs in Europe (CASE), welcomes the 05 April Council of Europe’s Recommendation on SLAPPs.

Open Letter | Civil society organisations call on President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Sadyr Japarov,to veto the draft law on ‘’foreign representatives’’

30+ civil society organisations including the NHC express support for Kyrgyzstan’s civil society

Civil Society Human Dimension Event | A Human Rights Tour of the OSCE Region

A civil society-led event bringing together human rights defenders from across the OSCE region in a “speed dating” format.

Belarus: One-year anniversary of unjust verdicts against Viasna members

The undersigned organizations demand the immediate and unconditional release of Viasna members Ales Bialiatski, Valiantsin Stefanovic and Uladzimir Labkovich.

Catalysts of Change: Call for Proposals (Portugal)

The NHC is accepting proposals from civil society organisations (CSOs) in Portugal working in the areas of women's rights, anti-corruption, and environmental justice.

The Realities of Recording History: The Importance of Documenting War Crimes

Find out more about how the NHC has been supporting (grassroots) NGOs in Ukraine foucusing on documenting war crimes.