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30 June 2020

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Yasemin Öz

Defending Human Rights Through Storytelling

Together with seven civil society organisations, the NHC joined an international storytelling campaign to share the stories of how individuals and communities together defend rights.

Fighting for Free Speech and Against Political Persecution in Eastern Europe

In partnership with the European Implementation Network, the NHC is launching a new project focusing on compliance with ECtHR judgements regarding the freedom of speech.

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Sebla Arcan

On the day that marks the start of the resistance against enforced disappearances in Turkey we share the of human rights defender Sebla Arcan and the Saturday Mothers.

Solving the Corona Crisis: Respect for Democracy is the Key

Op-Ed by NHC Executive Director and other democracy support organisations on why support and respect for democracy is key to solving the current corona crisis.

UN Launches New Report on Human Rights Approach to Rule of Law in the EU

"The case for a human rights approach to the rule of law in the EU" report launched by UN, in leadup to the first annual European Union report on the rule of law in all member states.

NHC and NJCM Submit Contribution to European Commission for Rule of Law Report

First Rule of Law Report on all 27 EU Member States is to be issued by the European Commission. Civil society, academia, and professionals were asked to contribute.

NHC Condemns Exclusionary Statements on LGBTI+ Community in Turkey

In response to the exclusionary speech by the President of Religious Affairs in Turkey, the NHC condemns the hate speech against the LGBTI+ community and people with HIV in Turkey.

“With or Without (E)U”: Civil Society Calls on EU and Western Balkan Leaders to Take Concrete Steps for European Integration

During the 2020 Western Balkans Summit civil socitey provided their input regarding what needs to be done ob both sides to further European integration of the region.

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Bülent Şık

From ministry-employed researcher to whistle-blower, scientist Bülent Şık talks about his work on spreading information relating to public health.