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28 March 2023

Ukraine’s Fire Woman, Lyudmyla Yankina: “I had to help”

5 AM: “I woke up to the sounds of bombs in Kyiv”

It has been one year since Tetiana, Head of the Board of the human rights centre ZMINA, woke up at 5 AM to the sounds of bombs falling in Kyiv.

Belarus: Imminent verdict in the trial against Viasna’s leaders

Three members of Belarusian Human rights organisation Viasna have been unjustly detained for over a year, find out more about Viasna's fight.

The NHC urges the Georgian Government not to adopt proposed “Foreign Agents” law

Read more on why Georgia's proposed Foreign agents law poses a serious threat to democracy and civil society in the country.

Russian authorities must stop persecution of the Moscow Helsinki Group, and broader civil society

The NHC and other members of the Civic Solidarity Platform demand that the Russian authorities stop attacks on the Moscow Helsinki Groups and other Russian Civil Society Organisations

Ecological activism before and during the war: practical action and conservation in Ukraine

Find out more about the work of our grassroots partner 'Green Leaf' in Ukraine before and during the war | Constituency and Influence for Reform

Kyrgyzstan: Stop the attacks on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Kyrgyz service

Read the NHC's and other Human Rights organisations statement condemning the attacks on Radio Azattyk, the Kyrgyz service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Belarus: HRD and journalist Yekaterina Yanshina sentenced to 15 days detention for covering the trial of Viasna leaders

Read more on the unlawful arrest of Russian Human Rights Defender, Yekaterina Yanshina after she attended a hearing in the trial of Viasna leaders in Belarus.

Call for proposals: Flexible emergency assistance for CSOs from Belarus

Read more on the NHC's call for proposals on flexible emergency assistance to support the needs of CSOs from Belarus.

Reflections on “The Future of Human Rights in times of War in Europe”

Kirsten Meijer, Sasha Romantsova, Yvonne Donders, Julia Ivan, Małgorzata Szuleka & Bahia Tahzib-Lie on the future of human rights in Europe.