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04 September 2019 Building Up Rule of Law

Come to the Interactive Tour: From Dictatorship to Democracy on Sept. 13!

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Cavidan Soykan

Cavidan Soykan, a refugee rights defender and Academic for Peace, has been legally targeted for signing a petition opposing the violence of the Turkish military in its southeast region.

What Can the Weimar Republic Teach Us About Democracy and the Importance of the Rule of Law?

It has been 100 years since the Weimar Republic. What can looking back at Germany's first attempt at democrcacy teach us about democracy today?

Why is Hungary Angry at Finland?: Debate over Rule of Law in Hungary

The rule of law is at center of a spat between Hungary and Finland, but what is happening with Hungary's rule of law? Hungarian civil society and government representatives debate this point.

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Nadire Mater

Nadire Mater is a journalist who has been legally targeted for her solidarity to the pro-Kurdish newspaper Özgür Gündem. Solidarity for her and others who defend rights in Turkey must stay persistent.

Helping young detainees explore their hidden potential: An international training in Tirana

Albanian and Kosovar youth workers, prison staff and creative teachers came together in Tirana for a training organized by NHC and Young in Prison.

Stimulating Discussions on Prison Staff Motivation at the EPTA Annual Conference in Romania

Another successful edition of the Annual Conference of European Penitentiary Training Academy Network in Tîrgu Ocna, Romania.

Improving the Use of OSCE Human Dimension Instruments

Civil society presents report on the possibilities of improving use of OSCE human dimension instruments at an OSCE meeting on effective multilateralism.

Applications Now Open for Matra RoLT Training: “Public Procurement”

Applications are now open for Matra Rule of Law Training “Public Procurement” to be held 6-15 November 2019. Deadline is 8 September 2019.

Ukrainian Representatives Visit NHC to Discuss Effective Government-Civil Society Partnerships

Civil society and government representatives from Ukraine visited the NHC discuss how to enhance cooperation between the two sectors.