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18 May 2022

Thoughts from Ukrainian Civil Society: Anzhelika Zozulia on adapting to the new reality and claiming space for reflection

Working through discrimination using dialogue: Countering discrimination and protecting LGBTIQ+ rights in Albania

We reflect on the impact of the “Countering discrimination and protecting LGBT rights in Albania” project in fostering a safer context for the Albanian LGBTIQ+ community.

Capacity-building and advocacy initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in closed institutions

Find out more about our Call for Proposals on countering the effect of COVID-19 on closed institutions for NGOs and CSOs.

Event | Moscow Mechanism report on Ukraine: Next steps for the OSCE – OSCE SHDM II PRE-EVENT

Join us on May 16 for an event about the next steps to be taken by the OSCE after the publication of the report of the Moscow Mechanism.

Improving the Social Climate of Kosovo’s Juvenile Centers

Read more about the Social Climate Tool created by Rita Selimi to assess the needs of young people in prison.

Event | Stop Putin at the source: Q&A with Bill Browder, anti-corruption expert

Register for our event on May 12: Stop Putin at the source: Q&A with Bill Browder, anti-corruption expert.

Democracy, Human Rights, and the fundamental underpinnings of the Rule of Law: NHC 2021 Annual Report

Learn more about the projects and activities that the NHC developed throughout 2021.

Recap | Systemic Backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary: What (more) can the EU do?

On April 19 2022 the NHC hosted an event with 4 distinct Hungarian academics presenting a comprehensive analysis of Hungary's Rule of Law backsliding.

Systematic backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary – Overview of the scholarly papers

The EU is harboring a Member State which does not comply with the preconditions for a constitutional democracy anymore. Ignoring this reality has dire consequences for all European citizens alike.

Turkey: Illegitimate life-long imprisonment of Turkish human rights activist, Osman Kavala

Read more on Turkey's move to sentence Osman Kavala, Turkish human rights defender and philanthropist with a life-long prison sentence.