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11 November 2021

Ukraine: Call for Proposals to Monitor the Effect of COVID-19 in Closed Institutions: LOT 2

Armenia: Call for Proposals to Monitor the Effect of COVID-19 in Closed Institutions: LOT 2

Find out more about our Call for Proposals on countering the effect of COVID-19 on closed institutions for Armenian NGOs and CSOs.

Online event: Protection of Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law in the EU

Join us on Friday 12 November 2021 for an online seminar on the protection of fundamental rights and rule of law in the EU.

Reconnecting and working together: Reflections on Matra RoLT 2021 Alumni Day

The NHC met with three Rule of Law training alumni who looked back on their experience and reflected on the recent RoLT Alumni event.

RARE: The Who, the What and the Why at FRA Rights Forum 2021

At this year’s Rights Forum, Márta Pardavi and NHC’s Executive Director Pepijn Gerrits introduced the RARE project, the brainchild of a conglomerate of human rights defenders.

Defending Democracy at Home and Abroad

The October edition of the Democracy Drinks, a monthly networking event for democracy defenders organised by the NHC and the NIMD.

The NHC condemns the Belarusian Supreme Court’s Decision to shut down the Belarusian Helsinki Committee

The Belarusian Supreme Court’s has forcibly closed one of Belarus' oldest human rights organisations, we at the NHC extend our unwavering support to and solidarity with colleagues at the Belarusian Helsinki Committee.

Statement: METU Pride human rights defenders must be acquitted at upcoming trial

NHC joins other international human rights organisations in demanding acquittal for human rights defenders in Turkey.

Coordinated persuasion and enhanced cooperation on the ground

State of Rule of Law in the EU: A meeting between representatives of Netherlands’ Ministries and RARE participants.

The future of chain cooperation on combating discrimination and hate crime against LGBTIQ+ persons in Albania

NHC's coverage of one of the final events in the NHC’s collaborative project on Countering Discrimination and Protecting LGBTI rights in Albania hosted with COC nederland. Find out more on the successes and limitations of the project, as well as recommendations for the future.