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19 April 2022

Systemic backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary: State Control

Systematic backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary: Rule by Law

Find out how the systematic backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary has chipped away at EU values, turning Hungary into a hybrid regime based on Rule by Law .

Systematic backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary explored through academic research

Introducing a series of academic papers mapping the methods and tactics used in the systemic backsliding of the rule of law in Hungary.

Event Invitation | Systemic Backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary: What (more) can the EU do? | Press Club Brussels

Join the conversation on April 19, 9:30-11:30 a.m. CET at  'Press Club Brussels' or follow online

How so Helsinki? About the evolution of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee

Piet de Klerk, Chairman of the Supervisory Board (NHC), reflects on the evolution of the NHC, the crucial importance of the OSCE and the relevance of these organizations.

Open letter NGOs to EU Commission and Council on Recovery Fund for Poland and Hungary

We urgently call on the EU Commission & Council to refrain from approving recovery funds to governments of Poland & Hungary without the rule of law concerns being resolved

Thoughts from Ukrainian Civil Society: Illia Yeremenko on the nuclear threat and cutting Putin’s war efforts at the source

As the war rages on, hear from Ukrainian civil society members and NHC partners on amplifying their message & support in defending democracy.

Joint NGO statement for the suspension of Russia’s membership of the UN Human Rights Council

The NHC joins 48 other NGOs to call on the UN General Assembly to suspend Russia’s rights of membership of the Human Rights Council.

Rule of Law report 2022: Increased polarisation and lack of transparency

The NHC contributed information and commentary on the state of the Rule of Law in the Netherlands, focusing on the justice system, media freedom and anti-corruption networks.

Women Human Rights Defenders in Ukraine: Before, Within and Beyond the War

This International Women’s Day, we want to amplify the voices of Tetiana Pechonchyk and Lyudmyla Yankina, women human rights defenders in Ukraine.