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Evaluation report | Call for proposals for rights-based organisations working against discrimination in Türkiye

18 November 2023

The EU-funded project “Together Against Discrimination. Building a Civil Society Coalition to Improve Access to Justice for Victims of Discrimination” implemented by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) and  Eşıt Haklar Için Izleme Derneği – Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (ESHID – AMER) aims to improve access to justice for victims of discrimination by building a stronger civil society coalition. As part of the project, the call for “Against Discrimination Grant Scheme” was announced on the websites of the Association for Monitoring Equal Rights and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, and then on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts between 8 July and 8 August 2023.

Within the scope of the programme targetting civil society organisations working against discrimination in Türkiye, 50 project proposals from 50 civil society organisations were submitted to the call for a total of 78.000 EUR, with a maximum of 13.000 EUR being awarded per grassroots organisation. Following a multi-stage evaluation process, carried out by a three-person independent board, the following 6 project proposals were invited to be supported.

-Açık Alan Derneği & Derin Yoksulluk Ağı aims to raise awareness about social, economic and urban problems; Solidarity with groups that have difficulty accessing their rights and needs and are subject to social exclusion; strengthening these groups through various activities; supporting these groups’ access to public rights and services; It aims to reduce obstacles to accessing basic human rights, including education, health, employment and social security. For more information:

-Denizli Otizm Derneği was founded by families with children with autism. Its aim is to support individuals with autism and their families to live a life in accordance with human rights and dignity. For more information:

-Engelsiz Bileşenler Federasyonu works on strengthen individuals, groups, institutions and organizations working in the field of people with disability and to enable them to work collaboratively. For more information:

-Roman Hafıza Çalışmaları Derneği (Romani Godi) consist on young activists who are concerned about the inequality, discrimination, rights violations of Roma people, and the danger of extinction of their language and culture. For more information:

-Özgür Renkler Derneği provides legal consultancy support to LGBTI+ people aged 18+ living in Bursa and surrounding provinces. For more information:

-Pir Sultan Abdal Derneği-Antalya Şubesi  empower Alevi women by promoting their access to judicial remedies in the fight against discrimination, grudge, and hatred. For more information:

discrimination Türkiye partners

Image from first online meeting held with selected grassroots partners from Türkiye, Fall/Autumn 2023

Read the full evaluation report here.