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Call for Proposals: “Together against Discrimination” Project

11 July 2023

Together with the Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (AMER) we are launching a call for proposals within the EU funded project “Together against discrimination: Building a civil society coalition to improve access to justice for victims of discrimination”.

Through this initiative, civil society will be supported and empowered in the protection and promotion of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms, thus contributing to the opening of civic and democratic space. We focus on improving the civil society response to discrimination as a key condition for the protection and promotion of human rights in Turkey. In particular, we aim to strengthen the capacity of rights-based organisations in complaint handling in discrimination cases, strategic litigation, engaging with the National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), and to facilitate networking and coalition building. These enhanced capacities contribute to more resilient Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and to the opening of civic, democratic and civil society space in Turkey.

As part of this wider initiative, this programme supports a sub-granting process with the main goal of strengthening civil society’s involvement in monitoring the functioning of National Human Rights Institutes (NHRIs) and to advocate and provide recommendations for the implementation of policy reform.

The Anti-Discrimination Grant Program has a primary focus on non-discrimination, looking not only at specific groups who are experiencing discrimination but also looking at how the response to discrimination in general can be improved, focusing on how civil society can play a role in handling complaints and bringing cases before NHRIs, in addition to developing advocacy against discrimination practices.

At least six grassroots projects will be funded for a maximum of 12 months to encourage co-operation between CSOs and bar associations or lawyers to combat discrimination and to advocate for more effective, independent human rights mechanisms. Both AMER and the NHC will support in the sub-granting process, including selection, implementation and monitoring of activities.

This call for proposals is soliciting proposals for grants to address these issues in 2023-2024.

More information about the call and the application process can be found here. Applicants are required to fill out the application checklist, the application form and the budget form.