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NHC 2023 Annual Report is out| Supporting Catalysts of Change for Just Societies

04 July 2024

For more than 35 years, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee has been working to inspire, engage and support catalysts of change in building just and rights-respecting societies in wider Europe, covering Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia and the European Union. We envision a world in which every person lives in a just society where human rights and the rule of law are respected, and where people join forces to actively contribute to change in that direction.

In 2023, we worked towards achieving these goals through our three programmes: Rights-Based Justice, Human Rights Defence, and Integrity and Accountability. Together with our partners, we reached out to civil society, governments as well as the justice chain to mobilise the right peer-to-peer expertise and build bridges while promoting human rights, the rule of law and justice in wider Europe.

In the past year, the NHC also welcomed the start of several new important projects for the organisation, including the Matra Rule of Law Training, Catalysts of Change, and Advancing Justice and Accountability in Ukraine. As an organisation, we successfully advocated for human rights and the rule of law and completed a number of projects, organised regional conferences and continued to work with partners and networks on issues such as strengthening, renewing and improving democracy: anywhere in the world.

Despite these challenging times for the human rights movement, we are determined to achieve real impact. We aim to achieve this impact through capacity strengthening and monitoring, policy advocacy and networking and awareness raising and engagement, across our three programmes.

In our Annual Report, we explore why we do the work we do, and what it is we are trying to achieve. We also present and highlight our activities and results from the previous year.

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*The current report presents our achievements throughout 2023, the Annual Accounts is expected to be added in September 2024.