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Invitation | Security and Human Rights: Special Issue on the War in Ukraine
15 May 2024
Join us on 28 May 2024 1700-1900 at the Nutshuis in The Hague for an evening of reflections & insightful discussions on the enduring ramifications of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
Urgent Call to Uphold Democracy and Human Rights in Georgia
13 May 2024
The NHC is deeply concerned about the recent and troubling developments in Georgia & calls on Georgian authorities and international bodies to uphold democracy and human rights in Georgia
Supporting Catalysts of Change | Women’s rights grassroots initiatives in Romania and Bulgaria
25 April 2024
Find out more about the work of our grassroots partners in Bulgaria and Romania working on women's rights and how the NHC is supporting them
Restorative Justice, Restoring Democracy | Reflections from #DemocracyDrinks
25 April 2024
What is restorative justice, why is it a prime example of democratic decision-making, and what lessons can we draw from restorative justice practices for our societies?
What works? An in-depth analysis of probation capacity-strengthening
24 April 2024
Against the backdrop of the 6th World Congress on Probation and Parole, the NHC sat down with Leo Tigges and Stephen Pitts to discuss their report on probation service development.
OSCE SHDM I Side Event | Unveiling Intent: Investigating Mens Rea in the context of the forcible transfer of Ukrainian Children by Russia
17 April 2024
This event showcases research by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), focusing on documenting the mental elements of international crimes.
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