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Applications Now Open for the Matra RoLT Training: “Human Rights and Minorities”
22 January 2019
NHC is now accepting applications for the 2019 Matra Rule of Law Training Human Rights and Minorities. It is to be held 15-24 May 2019. Deadline: 3 March, 2019.
My Human Rights Hero: students from the Royal Academy of Art present the ‘Gentle Opponent’
15 January 2019
The My Human Rights Hero Exhibition has been expanded. Students from the The Hague’s Royal Academy of Art have added a second section focusing on their human rights hero.
Civil Society’s Role in Monitoring the Implementation of Human Rights Judgements Should Increase
08 January 2019
The European Implementation Network's held its first General Assembly in December. The role of civil society in ECtHR judgements was discussed.
Rule of Law is Not Only a National Matter
21 December 2018
The 2018 Rule of Law Training Alumni Day took place in Belgrade this year. Participants discussed the rule of law and important role civil servants play in its functioning.
Steps Made Towards Probation Reform in Ukraine
13 December 2018
A delegation from Ukrainie's justice sector went to the Netherlands for a study visit to strength their capacity in establishing and implementing an effective probation service.
IN MEMORIAM: Lyudmila Alexeyeva, Co-founder of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Passes Away at 91
10 December 2018
Lyudmila Alexeyeva, Co-founder of the Moscow Helsinki Group, passed away in Moscow at the age of 91 on 8 December 2018
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