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European NGOs Call for Urgent Attention for Prisons in Covid-19 Crisis
06 April 2020
The NHC has joined other European NGOs in calling for sufficient response from the Council of Europe to address the issue of COVID-19 in prisons across Europe.
Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Evgil Türker
02 April 2020
Human rights defender and journalist Evgil Türker shares his story on defending minority rights in Turkey, in this instalment of our series on 'Defending Human Rights in Turkey'
Report on Digital Transparency in Political Advertising Released as Part of Virtual Insanity Project
01 April 2020
A report on the compliance with the 'Code of Practice' by various tech platforms on disinformation in digital political advertising has been released as a part of the Virtual Insanity project
Corona Should Not Be Used to Restrict Human Rights: Clear End Date and Oversight Essential for Emergency Powers in Hungary
27 March 2020
Civil society organisations around Europe raise alarms at the recent actions of the Hungarian government, calling for clear limitations of the state of emergency powers.
Civil Society and Police Cooperating for Positive Change in Society – Experiences from Albania
26 March 2020
Pro LGBT's Sidita Zaja discusses how the cooperation between civil society and police has changed through the project 'Countering discrimination and protecting LGBTI rights in Albania'.
NHC Contributes to UN Human Rights Committee’s Discussion on the Right to Peaceful Assembly
18 March 2020
Recognizing the worrying global trend on the denial of the right to peaceful assembly, the Human Rights Committee has been working on its first comment on this right.
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