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Slovakia Takes Up EPTA Leadership to Work Towards Better Prisons
07 January 2020
Meetings at the end of last year saw Slovakia take over leadership of the European Penitentiary Training Academies, a network that aims to improve cooperation amongst penitentiary training academies.
Russia’s Continuation in the Council of Europe: Challenges and Chances for Human Rights
23 December 2019
Government and civil society representatives discuss the opportunities and risks of Russia's continued membership in the Council of Europe.
Applications Now Open for Matra Rule of Law Training: “Human Rights and Minorities”
20 December 2019
Applications for Matra Rule of Law Human Rights and Minorities training are now open. The deadline for submitting applications is 2 February 2020.
The Magnitsky Act Comes to the EU: A Human Rights Sanctions Regime Proposed by the Netherlands
20 December 2019
The EU has taken a significant step in combatting human rights violations worldwide by agreeing to take the first steps in a “Global Magnitsky Act.”
Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Cihangir Öz
18 December 2019
Cihangir Öz, a trans-activist, talks about their journey from protesting for workers rights as a teenager, to becoming an LGBTI rights defender in Turkey.
Defending Human Rights in Azerbaijan: Steadfast Determination in the Face of Repression
10 December 2019
Rasul Jafarov and Gunay Ismayilova discuss defending human rights in Azerbaijan, including challenges, progress, and opportunities.
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