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Applications Now Open for Two Matra Rule of Law Trainings: “Integrity of Civil Servants” and “The Administration of Justice”
20 November 2019
Applications are now open for Matra Rule of Law Training “Integrity of Civil Servants” and “The Administration of Justice.”
Human rights and conflict – The Hague Conversation on Conflict
14 November 2019
The role of human rights in conflict prevention, resolution, and peacebuilding was the topic of discussion at the third lecture of The Hague Conversations on Conflict.
Bringing Together Penitentiary Academy Experts to Improve Prison Education Across Europe 
12 November 2019
International experts began work on a report on Europe’s most effective practices related to penitentiary training on leadership, dynamic security and managing difficult inmates.
Probation in Ukraine Contributing to Safer Society
07 November 2019
Experts and practitioners in probation from the Netherlands and Latvia met with Ukrainian counterparts in an effort to push forward the probation system in Ukraine.
End Liquidation Attempts against the All-Russia Movement “For Human Rights”: EU-Russia CSF Statement
29 October 2019
Lawsuit against the All-Russia Movement For Human Rights. EU-Russia CSF regards the attempt to liquidate it as a threat to human rights activities in the country.
IN MEMORIAM: Nel Barendrecht and Til Gardeniers-Berendsen
23 October 2019
The NHC remembers two former Committee Members, Nel Barendrecht and Til Gardeniers-Berendsen, with respect.
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