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Come to The Hague Freedom Weeks: A Privilege Free Day on 14 April

10 April 2019
Photo illustration by Emily Blobaum/Iowa State Daily

The Hague Freedom Weeks

In the run-up to Dutch Liberation Day on 5 May, The Hague is dedicating three whole weeks to freedom. Het Nutshuis will open its doors on Sunday 14 April as part of The Hague Freedom Weeks. Together with the NHC,  Hague Talks YouthKinder- en Jongerenrechtswinkel, Justice and Peace Nederland, and Het Nutshuis is organising an interactive afternoon. Come and experience just how much freedom you enjoy. Freedom that some people can only dream of…

Escape room style

This escape room style experience gives you a real taste of the effect that privilege has on your sense of freedom. Every organisation will set up its own ‘room’. Experience the privilege of being an adult, of being European, or of being a citizen in a democratic country. Take part in the Privilege Walk with Sarita Bajnath and discover how freedom works for those around you. And as an added bonus, you can visit the Indo, Indië, Indonesië: Through the eys of generation NOW exhibition.


The doors open at 13:45. Admission to all events is free of charge.
The ‘rooms’: allow 25 minutes per room, starting on the hour and on the half-hour.
The Privilege Walk: three walks, each taking 45 minutes, starting at 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00. N.B: the last Privilege Walk will be given in English. You can book in advance to be sure of a place. Send an e-mail to, stating your name and the time you’d like to take part.

For more information click here: A Privilege Free Day