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Ed Kronenburg

Ed Kronenburg has over 40 years of experience in European and international affairs. He spent majority of his career in different functions working for the Dutch government as well as within different international and European institutions.

Kronenburg started his career at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and spent decades dedicated to the European affairs, working for the Dutch Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels, as a Deputy Head of Cabinet of a member of the European Commission as well as the Director of European Affairs and Deputy Director-General of European Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also worked as Ambassador, Director of the Private Office of the Secretary-General of NATO and as a Grand Master of H.M. Queen Beatrix.

Prior to his retirement, he first held office as the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to France, Monaco and Andorra and later to People’s Republic of China and Mongolia. Following his retirement in 2019, Kronenburg is currently chair of the supervisory board of the NIMD (Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy); chair of advisory council of the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety); member of NCC Potocari (Netherlands Commission for Compensation of relatives of Srebrenica victims) at the Ministry of Defence;  as well as chairperson of the Indonesia-Netherlands Association; among other roles.

Kronenburg holds a Master’s degree in Private Law from the Utrecht University.