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Catalyst of Change: Information Session on How To Apply for Subgrants (Bulgaria)

12 September 2023



Date/time25th September from 9h to 13h
LocationSofia, Bulgaria (SHTRAK, Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, Hristo Belchev St. 3)
RegistrationTo apply for participation, please fill in the form HERE.
Working language English language with simultaneous interpretation to Bulgarian

Project Background

Against the background of concerning shrinking civic space trends in the European Union (EU), this project aims to contribute to creating an enabling environment for civil society in five EU Member States that are in acute need of civil society strengthening: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Portugal. The project will allow Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) working on women’s rights, environmental justice, and anti-corruption to be more effective in the promotion of EU values, be more resilient to threats, and be able to quickly respond to concerning trends affecting space for civil society in their respective countries. This will ultimately lead to better protection, promotion, and acknowledgment of the EU fundamental rights and values in the target countries and, consequently, will contribute to strengthening respect for the EU values at the EU level too. To address these concerning developments, the project will contribute to:

  • Enhancing civil society’s response to new trends affecting democratic and civic space and civil society;
  • Strengthening effectiveness, accountability and sustainability of grassroots CSOs;
  • Enhancing visibility and understanding of the work of grassroots CSOs supported by the project.


The subranting scheme aims to provide financial and other support for grassroot CSOs to improve and deploy their capacities in their areas of expertise and locations. We will have 3 calls for proposals:

  • Round 1: Call on monitoring, advocacy and coalition building (max. 10 grants per target country of max 15.000 EUR for max 12 months)
  • Round 2: Call on coalition building (on local, regional and national level) and strategy development, for national/ regional CSOs who (can) play a coordinating role with civil society and work with grass roots CSOs (max 3 grants per country of max 40.000 EUR for max 18 months).
  • Round 3: call on enhancing communications and developing awareness raising campaigns (max 10 grants per target country of max 15.000 EUR for 12 months).


Read more about the details: HERE

Read more about the details (Bulgarian): HERE