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Changing Landscapes: Prison Education Consortium Netherlands

With the project “Changing Landscapes” the Prison Education Consortium Netherlands wants to ensure that prisoners get the best possible education which will guide them onto the right pathways. This Prison Education Consortium Netherlands is an expert group consisting of eight organisations (mentioned in the partner list). EPEA-NL is the leading partner and initiated shaping the consortium. The idea behind the consortium is to stimulate the exchange and cooperation between organisations working on the matter of prison education. By collaborating in this consortium, all stakeholders will become better informed and more effective in reaching their goals. For the prisoners, education will help to make steps in their personal development and steps to the labour market.

Our Aim

This project “Changing Landscapes” focusses on creating an Innovative Plan for Prison Education by 2024. In this plan the expert group consortium will define a vision on the future of prison education in The Netherlands. The role of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee is to provide expert knowledge about prison reform and probation in the target areas of NHC.

The long-term goal of the Prison Education Consortium Netherlands is to become the central source of information for local, national, European and international stakeholders in prison education. For this, the European Development Plan 2024 will be created. The EPEA-NL will monitor the process of the European Development Plan.

Project Implementation

Funder: Erasmus+ Programme

Partners: EPEA-NL (European Prison Education Association – Dutch Brand, leading partner), Valk&Uil, Changes & Chances, CHAINS, EBFB (Education Behind Foreign Bars), Click F1, Netherlands Helsinki Committee and De Nieuwe Kans

Project period: 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2019

Budget: €42.395