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Constituency and Influence for Reform: Building the Capacity of Civil Society

Building the Capacity of Civil Society for Meaningful Change

With the generous support of the European Union, in July 2020, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee began a project, “Constituency and Influence for Reform,” aiming to support civil society organizations (CSOs) working on gender, corruption, and environmental justice in Eastern Partnership countries.

Our Aim

  1. Strengthen civil society’s communication capacity, supporter base, financial sustainability, and good governance;
  2. Enhance the use of policy-influencing strategies towards national authorities, applying international standards and procedures, and context-specific approaches; and,
  3. Increase the operational resilience of civil society.

Among the foreseen activities within the Constituency for Influence and Reform project are trainings on social media communication strategies, advocacy campaigning, crowdfunding, and CSO good governance as well as opportunities for small locally-initiated projects in each target country.

As such, the project will enable CSOs to increase and better mobilize their constituencies to engage with governments on these pressing issues, and contribute to maintaining and expanding civic space in their respective countries and across the region as a whole.

Milestones in Strengthening CSOs in Eastern Partnership Countries

Call for experts 2021: English | Українська 

Call for participation 2021

Call for participation 2022

Project Implementation

Funder: European Commission

Project Period: 1 year, start in July 2022

Budget: 1,321,022.00 EUR