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Ton Daans

Senior Expert

Ton Daans is an international penitentiary expert. For almost three decades, he worked for the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency (Dutch Prison Service) as prison director (in several penitentiary facilities) and project director (at Head Quarters). During his time at the Agency Ton was involved in projects and programmes both in the Netherlands and internationally.

He is founder and owner of Common Sense Consultancy and has been involved in projects relating to prison reform and probation. Currently he is involved in a project contributing to reform of the prison systems in Western Balkan countries, aimed at increasing the rehabilitation and reintegration into society of juvenile detainees. He has also been involved in projects in Kazakhstan, Moldova, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

Prior to his employment at the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency, he worked at a forensic psychiatric hospital for eleven years. Ton holds a B.A. in Law and B.A. in Social Work.