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Integrity Policy

The current integrity system of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) encompasses a Code of Conduct for Employees of NHC, an integrity reporting point for external complaints, and a confidential advisor for internal complaints. The Code of Conduct of NHC is part of the individual employment contract between the NHC and its employees. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees in a broad sense (including experts, volunteers, trainees and members of the Supervisory board and Committee), regardless of their place of employment.

All employees of the NHC are responsible for being aware of, and adhering to the Code of Conduct and for observing a high standard of integrity in all aspects of our work. The NHC shares the responsibility for a safe work environment for employees and safe cooperation with our partner organisations. The management of the NHC has an extra responsibility in this respect and will do all it can to prevent improper conduct. This system aims to prevent incidents in the first place, and to allow such incidents, when they occur to be reported as easily and safely as possible. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated, communicated in a transparent way, and dealt with accordingly.

For external complaints regarding integrity, please email: The responsible integrity officer will be the sole proprietor of this email address.