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MoU between human rights organizations in Central Asia

02 May 2013

As a reaction to the deteriorating human rights situation in Central Asia a Memorandum of Understanding – English version, or Russian version – has been signed between human rights NGOs from all five Central Asian countries. In the MoU the NGOs declare their commitment to continue their human rights work, they agree to coordinate their activities and cooperate on international level, provide mutual support and solidarity and they provide recommendations to international organizations. By confirming cooperation and solidarity the human rights organisations will benefit from each other and organize their work more effectively.

The MoU is the result of a the human rights forum held in Kiev in February 2013 -> for more information see the article Conference on Human Rights situation in Central Asia. The MoU is supported by international NGOs who were also present. The forum is part of a project – A Coordinated Civil Society Campaign for Fundamental Rights in Central Asia – conducted by NHC and its partners focussing on human rights in Central Asia.