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NHC Joins the Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP)

19 February 2018

The NHC is pleased to announce its membership of the Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP).

The LEAP is a formal network initially formed in 2008 by Fair Trials, a human rights organisation that works to improve the respect for the fundamental human right to a fair trial. It brings together various experts from Europe with knowledge of the criminal justice sector and fundamental rights with the intent of promoting fair and effective juridical and judicial cooperation within Europe. The LEAP is highly respected and serves as a unique voice on criminal justice and human rights within Europe. It is composed of over 155 organisational members from across all 28 EU member states.

The NHC believes that membership of the LEAP will contribute to some of the vital aims of the organisation; the promotion of human rights and fairer justice systems in Europe. For more information on the network, including its members and ongoing activities, please visit the website at: