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Quirine Eijkman Appointed Vice-Chairman of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights

11 May 2017
Pictured: Ms Quirine Eijkman

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee is pleased to announce that one of its committee members, Ms Quirine Eijkman, has recently been appointed as one of the vice-chairmen of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights. The Ministerial Council made the appointment decision on advisement of the Minister of Justice and Security, Mr Blok.

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights’ core mission is to monitor, protect, and defend human rights. It does so by promoting human rights compliance into practice, policies, and legislation throughout the Netherlands. The College is comprised of the Chairman, Mr A.C.J. van Dooijeweert, two vice-chairmen, and nine members.

Ms Eijkman will be inducted as a new member to the college and will be appointed as ondervoorzitter Onderzoek & Advies (vice-chair for Research and Advice). She is currently a senior researcher and professor of Security & Law at Leiden University, and a lecturer at the Hogeschool Utrecht.

“It is a big honour to be appointed vice-chairman,” said Ms Eijkman. “I am committed to supervise and monitor local human rights and contribute to the field.”

The NHC congratulates Ms Eijkman and wishes her all the best for her new role as vice-chair and is confident that she will contribute to the valuable work within the field of human rights.

To read the announcement given by the Minister of Justice and Security, click here.