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Tswana Nunes-Burleson

Financial Officer

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Tswana Nunes-Burleson was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and lived on the Dutch Caribbean islands (between Aruba and Saint Maarten) for many years. She has acquired her bachelor’s education in Business Finance and Administration and has worked in the Business sector and in the various Government branches as a Financial Analyst and Financial Officer. After many years of traveling to and from the Netherlands, Tswana decided to move back to the Netherlands in late 2021.

In her spare time, Tswana volunteers with various NGOs mainly in the Dutch Caribbean islands and is now interested in doing volunteer work in her community here in the Netherlands. She enjoys traveling, sporting and connecting with people from various cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. She speaks various languages mainly Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento, intermediate French and dialects.

Tswana joined the NHC in April 2022 as Financial Officer.