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Belarusian delegation to visit The Hague

16 October 2013

On Friday, October 18, a delegation of representatives from the Belarusian “National Referendum” campaign will visit The Hague. As part of the visit the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) will host a public roundtable discussion.

The Delegation is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Uladzimir Nyaklyayew, former Belarusian presidential candidate in in 2010. He was brutally beaten and arrested on the day of the elections. Also head of the “Tell the Truth” movement.
  • Yuri Hubarevic, Vice Chairman of the “For Freedom” movement. “For Freedom” emerged during the protests following the flawed 2006 presidential election.
  •  Andrej Dzmitryew, Vice Chairman of the “Tell the Truth” movement, a leading nationwide organization in present-day Belarus, founded in 2010.

These delegates form the core of a block called “National Referendum”.

The “National Referendum” Coalition has emerged as the most powerful opposition center, which is attractive for other political forces and activists. If the coalition’s plans are fulfilled, the presidential candidate from the coalition will have a solid support base for the 2015 election campaign. The choice of questions to be put forward for a referendum will determine the opportunities for the opposition to reach out to wider audiences. (Source)

To register for the event, or for more information, please contact Mr Tim van der Maarel at