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EQUAL – EU 4 Women Empowerment in Armenia

EQUAL – EU 4 Women Empowerment in Armenia (EQUAL) aims to elevate and empower women in Armenia to bring about societal change in Armenia. To do so, EQUAL provides women duly support to exercise their political, economic and socio-cultural rights, targeting specifically those from vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Our Aim

EQUAL – EU 4 Women Empowerment in Armenia (EQUAL) aims to achieve its objectives by:

(i) Mobilizing joint efforts of civil society organization and activists in promoting gender equality and combatting gender-based violence and discrimination in Armenia.
(ii)Promoting comprehensive policy dialogue delving into policy implementation for addressing all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination in society.
(iii)Stimulating survivor-centered approach and sharing of international best practices for ensuring freedom from all forms of gender-based violence.
(iv)Mobilizultiing party efforts to institutionalize the best practices and learning from successful initiatives for strengthening economic and social rights of women.
(v)Developing multidimensional campaigning for empowering girls and women and advancing equal participation and leadership.
(vi)Reflecting the Rights-Based Approach Principles by ensuring the inclusion, participation of and providing a voice to youth, women and girls in a vulnerable situation, minorities, women with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, poor, elderly women etc. and particularly to those facing such situations in the marzes of Armenia.
(vii)Cultivating innovative programming and women led initiatives for addressing the intersectionality perspectives of discrimination and gender inequality.

The NHC specifically will be working together with Women’s Support Center (WSC) (Armenia) to incorporate a victim-centered approach and explore Dutch and other international best practices on domestic violence referral mechanisms and (justice) chain cooperation based on our previous experience in “Strengthening the response to domestic violence in Armenia”.

Three-day training held from 10-12 June 2024 in Armenia on the topic of advocacy planning for the Coalition of Domestic Violence Support Centers

Project Implementation

Funder: European Union

Partners: OxYGen Foundation (Armenia), European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), Women’s Support Center NGO (Armenia), Women’s Development Resource Centre Foundation (Armenia), Winnet Sweden

Project period: 07 December 2022 – 07 December 2025

Total project budget: € 1,111,111