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New EPTA project proposal approved by the European Commission

31 August 2020

The NHC is happy to announce that the European Commission (EC) has approved its proposal for a new EPTA project called “Innovating together: Connecting European Penitentiary Training Academies”. In the past years, the EC-funded project Tackling Gaps in Cross-Border Cooperation for Penitentiary Training Academies has contributed to the professionalization of the network and the EPTA community has proven its great potential.

The European Penitentiary Training Academies Network (EPTA) was founded to provide a structure that supports sharing of training methodologies and contents across Europe. It aims to enable cooperation to raise the quality of penitentiary staff training. In the past years the EPTA network has proven its great potential and became a more professional and structured network.

The new EPTA project builds on these achievements by strengthening the network, contributing to its sustainability and allowing for more in-depth information sharing on current challenges in the penitentiary field. The project will stimulate participation and international exchange and will allow existing and future European members to profit from the results.

National Training Academies across Europe will be able to use innovative tools developed by the ETPA network, and keep track of new developments in the field of training correctional staff. By stimulating mutual learning they will directly benefit from the project and save resources in the process of developing high quality trainings for their correctional staff.