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OSCE Commitments

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), in which all states of Europe, Eurasia and North America take part, was created on the basis of the Helsinki agreement of 1975. Interaction with the OSCE is still of special importance for the Helsinki civil society organizations that exist around the OSCE region, most of which cooperate, together with other human rights NGOs, in the Civic Solidarity Platform. The NHC takes an active role in the coordination of the Platform.

The Platform arranges for the participation of its member organisations in the yearly Human Dimension Implementation Meeting and in other OSCE human dimension events, and for reporting on and the development of positions on issues that are covered by OSCE human dimension commitments. The Platform also aims to influence OSCE activities and discussions on political-military and economic-environmental issues, campaigning for realising the OSCE principle of comprehensive security.