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Announcement: Lunch event with Legal Director of Human Rights Centre Memorial

19 January 2016
Kirill Koroteev, (Photo by EP)

On Thursday 28 January, 2016 the NHC will host a lunch event with Kirill Koroteev, the Legal Director of Human Rights Centre Memorial in Moscow. The Human Rights Centre Memorial is one of the oldest and most respected Russian human rights organizations. Memorial began in the 1980s as a historical and educational association with a significant part of its work dedicated to protecting human rights, appealing to society to not forget the cruel and massive human rights violations in Russia’s past, but also not to ignore that human rights violations continue to occur.

In 1991 Memorial’s Human Rights Center was established to organize and coordinate Memorial’s human rights work. The Human Rights Center Memorial Moscow concentrates its activities on human rights violations in zones of armed conflicts in the Russian Federation, so called “hot spots”, and on the protection of refugees and victims of discrimination and political persecution. Accordingly, several programmes have been set up, which often are closely interlinked.

In recent years, Human Rights Centre Memorial (as well as a number of local and regional Memorial organizations) has been hit by several repressive steps of the government.

The lunch event is scheduled from 12:15 to 13:30 on 28 January, 2016. The NHC will offer a sandwich style lunch. To take part please register at: