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BAN Human Trafficking mobile application out now!

29 October 2014

We are excited to inform you that our mobile application BAN Human Trafficking is available for the Android and iOS platforms. As part of the project Balkans ACT Now!, anti-trafficking organisation ASTRA from Serbia, together with its partner organisations from the Balkans, NGOs in France and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, created a preventive and informative anti-trafficking mobile application to educate young people about the phenomenon of human trafficking and the risks of becoming a victim of human trafficking.

The mobile application BAN Human Trafficking was created with the idea to inform young users about the issue of human trafficking so that they learn to recognize risky situations and how to avoid them. Through an interactive game, users become familiar with different forms of human trafficking and different phases of the human trafficking chain, from recruitment, exploitation and getting out of human trafficking to a long process of recovery, reintegration, social inclusion and fight for the protection and realization of victims’ rights.

After being acquainted with potential dangers, the users will be able to recognize similar situations in everyday life, and thus protect themselves and people they know. Furthermore, a better understanding of the experiences of human trafficking victims should reduce discrimination against them and improve their position in society as a whole and in relevant state systems.

The app aims in particular at young people in the Balkans, but also in Western Europe and hopes to help prevent more teenagers and young adults becoming victims of human trafficking now and in the future. It also aspires to create more awareness around the problem of human trafficking.

The BAN Human Trafficking application is produced within the project Balkans ACT Now!, in which the NHC and several partner organizations address the problem of trafficking in human beings. You can read more about the project here.

You can dowload the app directly from the Google Play Store and the iOS APP Store. It is available in several languages, including English and Dutch. You can also visit the website to learn more about the mobile application and human trafficking.