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Donations from NHC staff related to flooding in Bosnia-Herzegovina

31 October 2014

Continuous, heavy rainfall in May 2014 resulted in the worst floods ever in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, causing several deaths and forcing tens of thousands of people to leave their home. The NHC’s partner organization IFS-Emmaus¬†asked for support to distribute basic emergency packages with food and other necessities to the most vulnerable areas and families in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In September, it received donations from staff and the board of the NHC to assist people with the reparations of their homes.

The village of Donja Orahovica was one of the places that was heavily damaged by the flooding. The heavy rainfall caused the flood of hundreds of buildings, and hail severely damaged the roofs of all houses and the elementary school building. In the absence of organized help, residents of Donja Orahovica have undertaken the repairs to their homes by themselves. However, most households do not have the financial resources for the reparation of their destroyed and damaged properties. IFS-Emmaus used the donated funds to purchase and distribute building materials to the population in this area. 46.000 pieces of tiles were provided for repairing the roofs of damaged facilities, as it is crucial that all households are provided with safe shelter.

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