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NHC: ‘Reintegration process of young detainees in Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo needs to improve’

26 August 2013

During their time in detention, juveniles in Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo are hardly able to work towards their reintegration into society. In cooperation with local human rights monitors and Dutch experts, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee has devised a project to create prison regimes which enable juveniles to enhance their capacities during their detention. The three year project started in June 2013 with funding from the Matra/CoPROL programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

New attitude

The project is based on the idea that foundations for successful reintegration are laid within places of detention. A method called YOUTURN will be used to promote a new attitude among penitentiary staff and juveniles, which is more communicative, positive and geared towards the future.


To implement this project, NHC cooperates with the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency (Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen) and the Dutch Inspectorate of Security and Justice (Inspectie Veiligheid en Justitie). In beneficiary countries, NHC works together with the Directorates for the execution of sanctions, pilot juvenile institutions, Ombudsman Offices and local CSOs engaged in detention monitoring. The project contributes to the Matra CoPROL program which is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The focus will be on training of prison staff and pilot initiatives with prison management for increased education, labour and vocational training. Specific attention will be given to enhancing the capacities of monitoring mechanisms, including the Ombudsman and local non-governmental organisations. External monitoring strengthens transparency and accountability, during the project as well as after the project has ended.

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