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OSCE ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting – Central Asia

07 October 2012

The NHC together with its project partners participated in the HDIM 2012. A side event was organized and moderated by the NHC, our project partners, incl. Mr. Yevgeniy Zhovtis, have spoken on the latest developments on freedom of expression, religion and association and assembly in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

International experts from Article 19 and the Norwegian Helsinki have given their view on the overall situation also within the framework of international standards. The event proved to enjoy broad attendance, over 50 representatives of OSCE delegations and NGOs were present. Discussions with the audience were lively, especially on the situation in Kazakhstan which received most attention. The event was supported by the following documentation: submissions on each country and the joint annual report (English and Russian version). 

At the HDIM our partners have made oral interventions during the working sessions on freedom of expression and rule of law including terrorism.