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Crowdfunding project to help juvenile detainees in Albania

30 June 2015

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee has started a crowdfunding project for juvenile prisoners in Lazhe, Albania. Currently, 16 juveniles live in horrendous conditions in the prison of Lezhe in Albania. This project aims to change the current situation and create a healthy and safe environment for the juveniles.

In the current situation the juveniles share the common areas in the prison complex with the adult prisoners. The cells where the juveniles live are overcrowded most of the time. The building provides for very limited space for sports, education and other activities which are essential for the juveniles. Being locked up in a detention centre with very limited educational training and inadequate living conditions weakens the juveniles’ chance of a successful reintegration. Leaving the detention centre without strong motivation and commitment to education and change, the juveniles are placed at a huge disadvantage in the job market. This way it is very easy for them to fall back to criminal circles. We want to prevent this and give these young people a chance at a future. We need your help to make this happen!

A necessary renovation costs €40.000 euros, of which 90% will be financed by the Albanian authorities and other funds. The purpose of this fundraising project is to collect 10% of the total costs, €4.000,-. There is frequent contact between the prison staff and management of the juvenile prisons and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee so that the project can be carried out properly if the €4.000,- is raised to build the communal areas for the youth in the prison of Lezhe.

You can donate here.